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Island Spirit - Why Small Ship?

The small ship from Small Alaska Ship is the best way to see Alaska.

Island Spirit

• I can tell you the fact that we are owner operated has much to do with our cruises. We are not bound by an itinerary. If the Captain sees whales, you are going to enjoy the whale show.. and change the itinerary. If it is a beautiful day and the passengers want to Kayak, that is what you are going to do, he aims to please and make your vacation one to remember forever.

• We can cruise into bays and inlets only known by the local experts and only accessible by small ships.

• We are the ONLY vessel that runs on batteries at night! We only cruise during the day and spend our evenings in tranquil bays or cozy harbor towns. We shut down the noisy generators at night, but you still have access to all your necessary items, because we run on batteries at night. You will have the most peaceful evening and enjoy the real Alaska beauty, waterfalls, maybe a whale outside your window. Just quiet and relaxing.

• Our trips are all-inclusive! Even our daily cocktail parties are included, served each day at 5 p.m. All port charges and taxes are included!

• We also only have 32 passengers. Every room has private shower.. (not standing over the toilet). and opening windows.

• Kayaks are available for use by guests at no additional charge. Our crew will take time to give basic instruction in their use and to stand by to assist. We will join you in paddling and enjoying the various bays. Other activities are available for non-kayakers.

• What more can I tell you? We give you the REAL DREAM VACATION. We own the business, we own the ship, we operate the cruises.. If you are not happy, come talk to us. We are onboard, and we are there to make your cruise the very best. Who can Promise that!

• All American crew on board