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Testimonials About Small Alaska Ship

Our Testimonials

Small Alaska Ship – Fantasy Cruises has plenty of satisfied clients.

We wanted a smaller boat and our experience in our cruising was on boats of about 90 people.  But Island Spirit Ship size is even better.  We got to know and interact more, bonded, had fun and there is nothing more we could have asked for. Also you had a great team led by captain Jeff Behrens.  Everyone pitched in and did what was required.  All were so friendly and engaging.  Well Done!   – Ida L  August 2017

Totally Awesome experience!  We had a wonderful time and were welcomed by all, crew and passengers.  We will be telling all our friends!  – Ida L. and friend August 2017

The whole crew was very hospitable.  Always making sure that everything was going well.  The entire crew including the owner of the ship was first rate, and friendly.  The flexible schedule was enjoyable and it made the trip more adventurous. Thanks for the glaciers, icebergs, whales, that I got to see – Linda & Lee August 2017

I’ve got the Spirit!  The island Spirit (name of Ship) was all that I could wish for.  The ship was just the right size to poke in and out of all the little bogs and creeks- and the magnificent water falls!  I can’t say enough about the friendly crew.  They handle the ship, feed the passengers, explain the curious questions with the right answers and become best friends.  The scenery was great.  Always something new to see and experience.  The crew and the captain were trying to help me see the wild boars but I was not able to see one but I know they were there too.  – Rusty August 2017

Thanks for the contact, I was a member of Nadine’s  “motley crew” , had a wonderful time on our adventure. After hearing Jeff’s sales pitch, the trip was all  he promised and then some. No, not a luxury cruise, but we were blessed in so many ways. Mother Nature at her best IMHO, images ingrained in my mind forever. Due to my claustrophobia I did not do the kayaking but know that I did not miss anything in choosing the Dib ride instead.  I felt spoiled by your “gang”, suspect that they enjoyed us as well, and not just looking for tips, every one of them trying to please all. Truly a gift on so many levels for me, food and drink wonderful, new friends made. I learned many things from just about every one of your crew willing to share their knowledge concerning many subjects . Even the occasional rain did not spoil the trip, a lot of us had fun doing puzzles and playing games, so-all in all, you have a very happy camper on your hands. My hope is that you will be able to do this trip for years to come, perhaps this area will remain unspoiled as it is presently so that many more guests will be able to enjoy it. Wishing you all continued success and calm waters, sincerely – Elke, September 18, 2017

Polly and I want to express how much we enjoyed our cruise on the Island Spirit last month.  It was a truly remarkable journey with a friendly and attentive crew.  We have already recommended you to several friends thinking about visiting Alaska.
Thank you!  Mark & Polly L – July 25, 2017

We had a great trip.  Tom Marks – July 2017

We can’t begin to tell you how much fun and excitement we had on our Discovery Cruise!! It was more than we could have hoped for. The ship, the fantastic places and wildlife, the crew, the food!!! We had traveled with the Island Spirit about 7 years ago on the Columbia River and thought nothing could top that experience but…well what can I say? Thank you everyone at Fantasy Cruises and the staff of the Island Spirit for a memory of a lifetime!  Kristine and John – June 25, 2017

“Alaska is such a great destination, I wish I could have stayed another week to see and immerse a little more. The ship: fantastic. Jeff Behrens is a true character, we felt welcome right away. And though we knew no one else, after a day it didn’t matter. And it’s so small, there was more of a sense of being at an inn than on a cruise.  He had us do formal introductions to the group (only 26 paid passengers) and it was the best., breaking the ice for a lot of us.

Food, great.  –   Service, wonderful.  –  Accommodations: tight, but it’s a boat. Even dad had room to stretch.  –  Activities, enough to keep me involved, with time to relax and look.

Views, superb. All around us only mountains, sea and wildlife: whales, sea lions, Dawes porpoise, black bear. The last day was special for me, I was kayaking when a bear came to the shore. I sat, still in the water and he ate, with no rush from either of us.

Crew, they were as nice as any staff, persons I have met. I had issues I needed their help with, and they gave me a freedom to take care of my dad. I couldn’t thank them enough.

To make friends, spend time with people you enjoy the company of, whether in the bar in Petersburg listening to jam night, or walking around Talkeetna finding where a bear feasted on a deer. No one in the group was upset by it, we all thought of it as a discovery. The Captain put the ship where others could not follow, giving a peace to the surroundings I had visions of, yet wrongly feared I wouldn’t have. Even on a 130 foot long boat, I could still find a place to do yoga.

It was an experience. There are so many memories I was hoping to get from this trip, and it gave me more, some I hadn’t thought of. And for all that, I am thankful you sent me the link to Fantasy Cruises.  I and dad appreciate the time you spent for us, for this vacation. It may have been our last, but I’m not discounting anything yet. He talked about going to Washington DC next spring.”
Kind wishes, Mark June 2017

To Our Travel Agent,
Too kind. Your links to small cruise web sights set our trip, and I, we can’t thank you enough. We talked last night, and we are so glad we had the opportunity to sail on the Island Spirit, knowing that experience is unavailable on anything larger. Recommended to everyone, but like that swimming hole, let’s not let too much of the secret out. It’s a gem, and I think Jeff knows it. I hope you’re still around when we plan our next trip, in the US, and maybe the southeast. We’ll see if and when he’s up for it.
Be well, Daniel June 2, 2017

“What a lovely surprise to receive the great, thoughtful, beautiful CD of our most memorable time on (and off!) the Island Spirit.
I apologize for the delay in thanking you all…A highlight our our holiday season was opening a sensational book of photos from our family fest in Alaska. I’m hoping that some folks I’ve told about the trip sign up.  Warmest regards to you all and wishes for good health for all.”  Ginny, February 2017

“It was fantastic. We had the best weather for humans, not for the bears or animals. The staff was fantastic. Thank you all for making our trip so special.”  Jill, February 2016

“My biggest concern about the cruise was food restrictions. When my husband’s plate came up from the galley with his name on it, I couldn’t ask for more. Loved the cruise, crew, and food. Wonderful experience.”  Brenda, January 2016
“Captain Jeff, you deliver more than you promise, and you promise an incredible adventure. What spirit, knowledge, and fun you added to the ship. I have decided there are no words that would truly do justice to the experience. The crew was wonderful. It was fun being on a small ship and watching the crew perform their duties and being able to mingle and chat with them. Jason was a delightful Naturalist. I feel so blessed and will never be able to express what a wonderful and exhilarating experience it was.” Peggy, October 2016

“We really did enjoy the cruise. The crew did a fantastic job. Really enjoyed Angela and Raquel.”  Darla, September 2015

“We had a great time on the cruise. Alaska was amazing; the crew members were all super. Looking forward to another trip on the Island Spirit!” John, September 2015

“I want to tell you I had an absolutely FABULOUS time on the Island Spirit. The boat, crew, food, activities were all really great. I just cannot say enough good things. Seeing the grizzly bears was a real highlight and the effort the crew made for us to see them in the evening & the following morning was extraordinary. The food was all delicious. Thank you again for an extraordinarily memorable vacation.” Clare, August 2015

“Thank you again for a marvelous trip we had in Alaska. Fantastic!”  Rudi & Jackie, July 2015

“I LOVED the cruise on Island Spirit. We were so lucky to have a small group which was very compatible.”  Linda, July 2015
“It was simply magical. The Captain went out of his way to show us the best of the best, and I know that most of us said we’d be back. I will be for sure! The Captain was most gracious and accommodating.”   Mary, May 2015
“Thank you so much for providing a near perfect cruise from Seattle to Juneau. The ship looked great as always. The food was delicious, nutritious, and beautifully presented and served.”  Maureen, May 2015