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Onboard Fun

We offer an airport shuttle to our Ship.

Outdoor Activities

All your land tours are included such as, the Visit to Tulip Town's Tulip farm, The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor, An Alpaca Farm, Roche Harbor, American Camp National Park, Fort Casey, Admiralty Head Lighthouse, Coupeville, WA, The Island County Historical Society, and The Boeing Airplane Wide Body Production Plant

Dining and Lounging

The dining area hosts our 32 guests for a full service breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. It is a nice area for relaxing during the day while we are cruising. We also host a brunch once during each cruise and a Captain’s Dinner (Casual Attire, of course).

In our lounge we serve a continental breakfast at 5:30 am, also coffee, tea, and light beverages. During the day the lounge serves as an comfortable area for relaxing, as we cruise, some guests like to play games, make puzzles, read books (that we have aboard) and chat. After lunch we serve a daily baked item prepared by our Sous Chef… We serve cocktail hour from 5:00 PM and close the bar after dinner. You are welcome to bring your own adult beverages if you would like to have a cocktail

during the day or after dinner.